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during your working period,ciic shenzhen will provide you the services and benefits as below according to the agreement between your company and ciic shenzhen.

personnel services
(1)transferring & keeping personal files
(2)party organization relation management
(3)hukou management
(4)provide relative certificates
(5)assist to apply professional title
(6)assist to transact various of certificates card
(7)others promissory services

social insurances and housing fund
we will contribute the pension, injury insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance, parturition insurance and housing fund according to our agreement and shenzhen social insurance bureau’s policy.

health management and commercial insurance
we will arrange the health check, commercial insurance such as supplemental medial insurance, personal accident insurance and so on according to our agreement.

employee activity and benefits (limited to the company which choosed the activity item)
we will provide the gifts in chinese traditional days such as dragon boat festival, mid-autumn day and spring festival and organize employee activity and so on according to our agreement.

the other services
recruiting, payroll services and so on
note:please contact with our representatives for more details.
welcome your consultation and transaction for our business.

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