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       shenzhen ciic economic and technical cooperation co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as shenzhen ciic company) was established in april 1993, is in shenzhen wisdom a subsidiary of, is china’s foreign service industry association (cafst) the authentication member unit, with the approval of the state council, the government of guangdong province of guangdong province and the labour department confirmed that the company designated as a foreign representative organization, foreign investment enterprise, state-owned enterprises, private enterprises provide including personnel dispatch, the talents renting, hr outsourcing, personnel recommended services, human resources comprehensive solutions and foreign business services.
shenzhen ciic with "confident, innovation, integration, professional" values of enterprise, enterprise based in shenzhen, with the aid of the national human resources service network, the high quality, professional service team and leading erp customer service management system for the enterprise wholeheartedly provide a full range of human resource service. in guangdong labor to learn of guangdong province, the human resources management association of guangdong province, the organization carries out the 2009 annual human resources service enterprise credit rating activity, shenzhen ciic was awarded "aaa credit enterprise (top). at present, the company has and from 47 countries and regions over thousands of foreign representative offices and enterprises with foreign investment established a good relationship with customer, the service of the employees in all walks of life to create a society of great value.
shenzhen ciic economic and technical cooperation co., ltd the dongguan branch in february 2005 in dongguan was registered formally, mainly for the shenzhen ciic in the dongguan areas to develop foreign personnel services provide liaison and support.

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