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 founded in 1987, china international intellectech corporation (ciic) is one of the state-owned backbone enterprises under the direct management of the chinese central government. headquartered in beijing, it has 87 subsidiaries and branches focusing on international cooperation in the fields of economy, technology and talent in china and other 76 countries and regions around the world. keeping abreast of the latest development of knowledge-powered productivity amid the global economic integration, the mega trends of structural change and transfer of worldwide service sector as well as complete outsourcing especially offshore arrangements, and catering for china’s demands for restructuring of service industry and growing of  
new economic paradigms, ciic has been building its core competence in the field of intellectual services, standing out as the leading hr service provider which demonstrates proven competitiveness and influence in talents, resources, networks, scale and experience. furthermore, it is extending its expertise to new fields like investment and trading services. ciic has becoming a newly exploring enterprise with its high competence and leading advantages.  

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